About us

About us


About us

We are completely committed to providing you with the most professional, knowledgeable office staff and quality repairs and installations with extensive experience in residential and commercial applications. Our company is prepared to help with all types of door and window sales, services and installation.

What we do

Our main Goal is to Deliver and Instal the best quality Hurricane impact windows and doors at the highest performance possible with the most cost efficient to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Our N.O.A.

Florida N.O.A.

Single Hung Window L.M.I. (MG-200) FL #20352.1
Single Hung Window S.M.I. (MG-200) FL #20352.2
Horizontal Roller Window L.M.I. (MG-300) FL #20359.1
Horizontal Roller Window S.M.I. (MG-300) FL #20359.2
Impact Sliding Glass Door L.M.I. (MG-1000) FL #19092.1
Impact Sliding Glass Door S.M.I. (MG-1000) FL #19092.2
Impact Storefront Window L.M.I. (MG-6000) FL #18411.1
Multi-Track Sliding Glass Door L.M.I. (MG-1100) FL # 25959.1
Multi-Track Sliding Glass Door S.M.I. (MG-1100) FL # 25959.2
Picture Windows L.M.I. (MRG-400) FL # 26351.1
Outswing French Door L.M.I. (MG-3000) FL # 26942.1
Stick Curtain Wall L.M.I. (MG-2000) FL # 26946.1
Impact Storefront Window L.M.I (MG-5000) FL # 27000.1
Impact Storefront Door L.M.I. (MG-500) FL # 27001.1
Impact Curtain Wall System L.M.I. (MG-7000) FL # 27101.1

Miami Dade County N.O.A.

Non-Impact Storefront Window N.I. (MG-4500) 16-1116.04
Non-Impact Storefront Window N.I. (MG-4500) 16-1116.04
Non-Impact Storefront Door N.I. (MG-275) 16-1116.05
Aluminum Glass Railing System (MG-2530) 14-1022.02

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our commercial and residential lines we can guarantee our customers products to quality, architectural style and desired efficiency levels.

All our projects are different, whether you are remodeling your home or building a new construction, we have the impact windows and doors for you. Our styles are modern and our professional team will help you until we meet your standards of excellence and exceed your expectations.


Trusted By Known Partners

Fema partner Certified


Professional Installation

Our goal as a company is to make the undertaking of a home renovation project easier on your family. Our greatest joy is seeing homeowners fall in love with their homes once again. Improving your curb appeal can have a strong impact on how you feel coming home and the pride you take in living there. New impact windows and doors greatly improve a house’s appearance as well as its market value.

We invite you to trust us as many other families have done before without regret and allows us to transform your dreams into a reality that will have a desired result.


We offer free estimates. Contact Mr. Glass Doors and Windows for a free, non obligation estimate.


The installation team is here to assist you with any questions you may have, feel free to contact us.


Our highly trained customer service department is available to answer all of your questions.


We guarantee you the lowest prices in the industry because we value your business.


Our Company is fully LICENSE & INSURED for your peace of mind.